Our Beers

Our beers are full of character. And they taste great too. How do we know? Because our customers have been telling us since 2003. Our uniqueness comes from our own live house yeast, freshly-crushed malt and whole hops, which we expertly combine to give a well-balanced, clean finish. Traditional, distinctive, simple and great tasting.

Country Wobbler

Our newest and strongest beer has been very popular with our customers, it provides bold flavours of malt and hops with a long clean and dry finish.

Dartford Wobbler

A full-bodied russet brown premium bitter with a dark malt profile, fruit notes and a dry finish.


Golden Wobbler

A pale, golden malty beer with complex citrus and lightly-spiced flavours. It can be drunk a little on the cold side.


Penny Red

A burnished red-coloured beer that has pungent hop notes, a dry finish and a malty base that drinks greater than its strength.



Thieves 'n' Fakirs

A dark Porter with a full-bodied malt and hop base, and a long dry after taste to the drinker.

Guinea Guzzler

Originally a light mild, this 3.7 per cent beer has proved extremely popular as a session pint. It is amber-coloured with a malty and fruity taste and a dry finish.


Peddler's Best

A mid strength copper-coloured bitter with floral fruit notes that finish oaky dry flavour.

Curiously Dark

A dark mild with a roasted malt flavour and some background fruit notes, leading to a dry after taste.

Winter Wobbler

Winter Wobbler (Seasonal)

An indulgent winter ale with notes of malt, orange peel and rich fruit cake.

A light refreshing blonde beer with abundant hop taste

Blonde Wobbler (Seasonal)

A light, refreshing blonde beer with abundant hop taste.