John's Blog 28/11/2016 - The Test

We have just started to deliver our new Winter Wobbler 4.6% beer out to the licensed trade and I am very optimistic of it being a great success.The one benchmark that I have gone by over the last two decades was for the brew to past the Lester Test. Lester is the publican of The Three Daws right on the river in the heart of Gravesend and he is a stickler for the beers he sells having depth of flavour and clarity. The Lester test is done by holding up a pint glass of a new cask beer and if it is a light coloured beer it is compared to the skyline over Essex and the Thames Estuary. If it is a dark beer such as the Winter Wobbler the glass is lowered and the colour is compared to the Thames which laps up to the pub, having hopefully past on colour and clarity Lester then gives the trial beer a good taste by finishing off the pint a tough job but as I am sure you will all agree someone has to do it. I will let you all know the outcome.

John Millis. 

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Gary Noakes

It certainly passed the ‘Gary, Robert & Uncle Dave’ test on Saturday evening. Absolutely gorgeous!

Another winner I think, John!

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